Not only gifted with great minds but also with passionate and warm hearts, CIEMers offered a helping hand to the residents of Isla Pulo in Navotas through one of the organization’s flagship events, LET’s do it!

LET’s do it! is a three-part event where significant contributions were made to a community to help its livelihood (Livelihood), educational (Education) and social (Touching Hearts) aspects. Thus, getting the name L.E.T.’s do it! The first community for LET’s do it! is the small island off Tanza, Navotas – Isla Pulo.

Livelihood: UP CIEM provided rolls of net to the community which they can use in their main livelihood which is fishing. Aside from this, a group of fishermen also taught CIEMers how to sew fishing nets. The day had been short, but the simple help we could offer might have been significant to the lives of the community, particularly the fishermen.

Education: UP CIEM is neither a sun nor stars (or maybe we are), but the children’s faces and eyes lit up upon the arrival of the members for the team which volunteered for this part of LET’s do it! 52 eager children ages 5 to 11 received each a kit containing a notebook, writing pad and writing tools. For a half day, CIEMers taught Math and English and it ended with the donations of reference books, text books and reading books. Parting for the day with the children asking for the next visit of their ate’s and kuya’s, CIEMers promises to come back for another part of LET’s Do It.

Touching Hearts: This was be the last segment for the tree-part event, but it was meant to keep the bonds between the community and UP CIEM through culminating activities which engages both the residents of Isla Pulo and the CIEMers. Members visited a number of families, helped them with their chores, got to know more about them, and had short ‘chit-chats’ with the people of Isla Pulo. It might be a simple immersion program, but it was deeper and more meaningful that it actually was.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others,” says Albert Schweitzer. The passion to help finds its way despite being busy with the academic schedule and this is one thing a family values. We may only be students who can offer as much helping hand to a community as big as Isla Pulo’s but the little help given mean big to residents. Making the residents smile and learning from them at the same time are two of the million things UP CIEM will truly treasure.