Times change and the new academic year 2013-2014 marks the beginning of a new leadership at the Industrial Engineering (IE) Department of the College of Engineering.

Three years after Dr. Iris Ann Martinez took charge of the Industrial Engineering Department, a successor has been named to take over from where she left off. Prof. Lowell Lorenzo was officially appointed the new IE Department Chair effective as of August 1, 2013 in order to enact what he envisions for the future of the department.

Lorenzo was able to secure his new position as a result of several discussions by IE Faculty members regarding Dr. Martinez’ possible successor wherein he was the only candidate nominated. Department Chairs usually serve for three years until their term ends and they could either choose to request for another term through a department consensus or they could opt to give way to their possible successors.

“I promise to be there always—I’m here every day but I just can’t stay anymore for [department chair duties] because…. my children need me.” Dr. Martinez said when asked regarding her reason for not deciding to renew her tenure.

Dr. Martinez has stated that she would be there actively to mentor and assist the new chair when needed and affirmed that she and the IE Department are “very, very confident” in her successor.

“Sir Lowell is going to be a good [department chair], [he’s] fresh, he has a lot of ideas and he’s bringing in a lot of his new ideas to strengthen the IE Department some more. We’re continuing what Ma’am Aura [Matias] started some time ago. If there’s anything you need that we, as a team, can address then walang problem.”

“We’re all behind him and he is a fresh start to me. After three years, I also would like to see somebody [with] another set of ideas. We’re all together in this activity.”

Lorenzo finished his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering in 1983 and eventually proceeded to take up his masters in Operations Research at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, USA.