Members of the IE Department along with 84 students got together last November 7, 2013 in the Engineering Theatre for the 1st General Assembly. The event, which was hosted by Charlie Santos and Franco Del Rosario, started off with a friendly game comprising of participants from the two home organizations (UP CIEM and UP IEC).

Tokens of appreciation were given to Ma’am Iris, our previous Department Chair, and to Sir Lowell as well, to welcome him as our new Department Chair. Engineering Cup participants, particularly those who demonstrated much passion in playing their respective sports were awarded onstage. Those who received awards or recognition outside the University within the year, dubbed as “IE Achievers”, were also acknowledged.

The highlight of the event was the student-teacher dialogue, wherein students anonymously submitted questions/issues for the Department to answer or comment on. Some of the topics discussed regarded the new IE curriculum, certain IE majors, and the new IE-ME building. For more details or information, minutes of the assembly can be found in the UPD DIEOR FB group.