Last June 23, 2016 at the Celebrity Sports Plaza, graduating Industrial Engineering Students celebrated their upcoming graduation during Reminisce, this year’s Industrial Engineering Graduation Dinner. An annual tradition, the event is an avenue for the graduating students to be celebrate and remember their years in the university together with their batchmates.

The dinner was filled with nostalgia as the graduates reminisced about their college years. One of the graduates, Andrei Mallare, gave a heartwarming speech that brought everyone to think about all the experiences they have had together and of course, the bright future that’s ahead of them. Dinner was brightened by performances by students from the younger batches and by several video montages that surely brought smiles to the graduates’ faces. Afterwards, an inspiring speech about what the future has in store for the graduates was given by one of the alumni. The program ended with a toast given by one of the alumni and an oath taking by the graduates. The rest of the evening was spent freely- talking, dancing and just having fun.

The event was organized by the Industrial Engineering representatives, together with ALLIES (formerly IESC), the department’s volunteer corps and with the help of the UP IE Alumni Association (UP IEAA).

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