The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research invites all interested participants to “A.I. Hacked: A Practical Guide to the Future with Artificial Intelligence”, a talk on the future directions of A.I.-enabled technology, to be given by our esteemed alumnus, Elzar “Dodjie” Simon.

Mr. Simon is the author of A.I. Hacked, an in-depth exploration of the meaning of Artificial Intelligence from an Information Technology perspective, alongside the potential dangers and benefits it can bring in the future. He has been involved in the transformation of several global IT organizations into highly competitive and innovative ones, and is presently the Senior Director for Global Infrastructure at New York University.

The talk will be held at the Maynilad Room, Melchor Hall, UP Diliman on October 19, 2019, from 4PM to 6PM.

“A.I. Hacked: A Practical Guide to the Future with Artificial Intelligence” is co-presented by the UP Industrial Engineering Alumni Association, and will precede the celebration of the UPIEAA Homecoming, to be held at the IE/ME Building, starting at 6PM.