The UP Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research maintains three laboratories in Melchor Hall for instruction and research. The IE/OR Computing Laboratory and the Information Systems Design, Education and Applications (IDEA) Laboratory are equipped with desktop computers, multi-media equipment and selected statistical, modeling, optimization, simulation and ERP software packages. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory is equipped with audio-visual equipment and ergonomic assessment instruments such as manual dexterity tests, strength evaluation systems, Vernier data logger systems to measure sound, temperature, motion, EMG, and respiration, body analyzer, Biometric System that include an electronic goniometer, and usability testing hardware and software.


The new IE/ME building will house three new research laboratories. These are the Integrated Product Design and Development Laboratory, Facilities Design Laboratory and the Quality Systems Laboratory. These new laboratories will be equipped with multi-media equipment, computer hardware and software, and other specialized instruments.