In 1965, the College of Engineering started offering the degree of B.S. Industrial Engineering

Under the supervision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Professors from the Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mathematics Departments were among the first teachers of the first batch of industrial engineering students. Many of the first batches of IE students were shiftees from Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. Johnny Uy was one of the program’s first teachers.
Jose Ventura Gamatero, B.S. IE ’67

1967: The first batch of Industrial Engineers graduated.

Jose Ventura Gamatero, B.S. IE ’67

1967: The UP Industrial Engineering Club was founded.

1971: The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research was officially established.

Becoming the newest department of the College of Engineering, and Dr. Luis Pascual became the new department’s first chairperson

Dr. Luis Pascual became the new department's first chairperson.

1976: The UP Society of Industrial Engineering Majors (now known as the UP Circle of Engineering Majors) was officially recognized.

A class during the late 1970s.
Members of UP IE Club performing during the Engineering Smoker’s Night in the early 1980s.

1981: The first summa cum laude of the department—Jesse O. Ang—graduated with a weighted average of 1.078.

During the late 1980s, the department initiated a series of colloquia facilitated by the faculty members and attended by members of both the industry and the academe.